About Christ Consultants

This company “Christ Consultants” is one of the best initiatives taken by Christ Gear Products Company, which was established in early 1976’s at the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore. Spread across the country; known for the past 35 years for quality service, our trade name “Christ “is well known for its best service in various sectors round the nation.

Christ Consultants having its main office, located at the heart of Coimbatore with its branch offices in New York and Chennai, have been a reputed organization since 2011 to serve the needs of Indians round the world.

Established initially by Identifying the niche area of serving the immediate needs of document procurement for NRI’s, we have been steadily expanding on into various large sectors namely New Business Project Development, Tenant management, Property management, Product Import/Export Assistance, Immigration Services and Financial Services.

Christ Consultants has now been crowned for constructing new business projects for returning NRI’s who wish to settle down in India, with a decent business income. We take care of the entire hazels and make your business dream come true, whatever your business field may be.

Our main motto is to achieve perfection by satisfying the client’s needs. We make all possible efforts to completely understand the client’s needs and then suggest them with the best options and then act accordingly to finish the task. At any point of time, customer satisfaction will be our priority.

Presence of a responsible person, with sufficient knowledge of Indian rules and regulations at particular location, at exact point time is mandatory to get any task to be efficiently completed in India. That’s where Christ Consultants makes it presence and gives it clients the best possible time-efficient services.

Any need in India, right from procuring your birth certificate, to protecting your property, we have a wide list of choices to choose from to satisfy Indian hearts. Beyond being a successful company, we are reputed for meeting the customer’s needs with passion as we have personal knowledge of the emotional feelings of every Indian away from his/her motherland.

Each of our services has been carefully shaped up in a manner, that they have the satisfactory feeling of completing their task by themselves in their presence beyond being perfectly economical. We choose the best possible things and make our best effort in everything in every possible manner to get your task completed. Henceforth we have published our slogan as “Your Mother in Your Motherland”, which gives a clear view of our motto. Our associates are also perfectly chosen to ensure that they work according to our motto.

Once in your lifetime at least you would need our services and we create a unique database for each customer the first time they experience our service, which helps us provide much more unique service the next time they need us.Choose us and feel the pride of having your best representative in India to complete any of your tasks in India then and there.